Facilities can become contaminated with radioactive material through an accident or through normal operations.  AEC has the expertise to identify the contamination and then identify the remedy to properly remove and dispose of it. Decontamination is not simply wiping it up with a paper towel. Some radionuclides can be elusive.

Did you Know…
Carbon-14 is easily airborne and can be spread by the disturbances in the air caused by the spray of the cleaner or movement of the wipe cloth. Technetium-99 is also easily airborne and it seeks out protein, such as the skin. AEC has worked with these type nuclides and knows how to contain them.

Did you Know…
If the radionuclide used is an alpha emitter, it can be spilled on a table and, if left unattended, it would spread through the room. This is because alpha particles have a high recoil action which spreads contamination.

AEC has managed the decontamination of several facilities. Particularly noteworthy was decontaminating facilities using thorium oxide as an additive to glass.

AEC has the experience to identify the appropriate decontaminating substances, the protection required to handle it and the equipment to get the job done.

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