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ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) Audits are a license requirement. With focus in radiation safety training and an unbiased look at your facility, assess your situation and provide recommendations.

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Facilities can become contaminated with radioactive material through an accident or through normal operations.  AEC has the expertise to identify the contamination and then identify the remedy to properly remove and dispose of it.

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Radiation Safety Training

When you search for Radiation Safety Training, you want a team of trainers that have both a complete radiation safety knowledge and pertinent field experience. AEC is the answer with two PhDs, a former state regulator and experienced technicians on staff.  We bring research, management activities, field experience to the classroom.

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What our customers say about us

“J.M Huber would like to recommend Applied Environmental Consulting and Ben Warren, owner of AEC, for being a great resource in their assistance to our radiation safety compliance program. J.M. Huber has always been extremely conscience of our environmental impact and employee safety. I have personally worked with Ben Warren for the past decade and he has always been professional and his knowledge of this field is of the highest standard. He has worked closely with us to obtain our documentation, licenses and compliance for State approval, along with being a valuable asset in guiding us in the right direction.

I make this recommendation with the highest regards and respect. Please consider AEC in your decision making for your organization, you will not be disappointed.”

“Having worked with AEC and Ben for over 20 years, I have always been able to depend on the AEC team to monitor our activities and assist with changes that we require.  More recently, Ben and his team have been diligent in helping us to close-out a site with a very tight deadline.  This required much effort from his team and some long hours as well.  Ben never complained about the requirements, he just saw to it that we met the deadline and took all necessary steps to ensure we were complete and compliant.  We feel confident with our site activities because of the AEC team behind us.”

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