Advanced Radiation Protection Training for Industrial Gauge Users

In accordance with health agencies, and government and corporate policies, we have postponed all in-class courses until Fall 2020.

The date of the next session (October 2020) is to be announced. 

Join Applied Environmental Consulting for our 40-hour Advanced Radiation Protection Training for industrial gauge users.

Mulberry Phosphate Museum
101 SE 1st Street
Mulberry, FL  (South Lakeland, FL)


  • Individuals who perform installations, maintenance or service, initial radiation surveys, relocations or removal from service of any sealed sources in fixed devices.
  • Individuals desiring to learn more about being an effective Radiation Safety Officer.
  • Individuals who have recently assumed duties of the Radiation Safety Officer.
  • Individuals requiring refresher training.

PAYMENT INCLUDES: Registration fee includes 40 hours of instruction, training material, completion certificate, and breakfast & lunch each day of training. Attendee can take a refresher training (the same course) at no cost, provided he or she brings the provided manual.

If you have any questions on registering, please call 352-215-1231.


Day 1

  • History of Radiation
  • Basic Math Review
  • Basic Physics Review
  • Source of Radiation Exposure
  • Characteristics of Radiation
  • Emissions of Radiation
  • Half-Life

Day 2

  • Interactions of Radiation with Matter
  • Radiation Biology
  • Sources of Dose
  • Types of Dose
  • Types of Effects
  • Exposure Control
  • Personnel Monitoring

Day 3

  • Types of Instruments
  • Efficiency of Instruments
  • Calibrations of Instruments
  • Regulations
  • Radioactive Materials License
  • Dose Reporting
  • Dose Calculations
  • Sealed Source and Device Registry

Day 4

  • Industrial Gauges
  • RSO Responsibilities
  • Authorized User Responsibilities
  • Radiation Work Permit (RWP)
  • Installation of Gauges
  • Relocation of Gauges

Day 5

  • Transportation of Gauges
  • Transportation of TENORM (Technologically-Enhanced Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials)
  • Test Review
  • Test

Determining the US DOT transport Index before shipping