Advanced Radiation Protection Training for Industrial Gauge Users

Join Applied Environmental Consulting for our 40-hour Advanced Radiation Protection Training for industrial gauge users.

Mulberry Phosphate Museum
101 SE 1st Street
Mulberry, FL  (South Lakeland, FL)

Our next class is October 24 – 28, 2022.  Contact AEC to register today.


  • Individuals who perform installations, maintenance or service, initial radiation surveys, relocations or removal from service of any sealed sources in fixed devices.
  • Individuals desiring to learn more about being an effective Radiation Safety Officer.
  • Individuals who have recently assumed duties of the Radiation Safety Officer.
  • Individuals requiring refresher training.

PAYMENT INCLUDES: Registration fee includes 40 hours of instruction, training material, completion certificate, and breakfast & lunch each day of training. Attendee can take a refresher training (as long as they took the same course from AEC) at no cost, provided he or she brings their manual.

Our Fall training class is scheduled for October 25-29, 2021. (Registration will begin soon.)  If you have any questions on registering for the Spring or Fall sessions, please call 352-215-1231.


Day 1

  • History of Radiation
  • Basic Math Review
  • Basic Physics Review
  • Source of Radiation Exposure
  • Characteristics of Radiation
  • Emissions of Radiation
  • Half-Life

Day 2

  • Interactions of Radiation with Matter
  • Radiation Biology
  • Sources of Dose
  • Types of Dose
  • Types of Effects
  • Exposure Control
  • Personnel Monitoring

Day 3

  • Types of Instruments
  • Efficiency of Instruments
  • Calibrations of Instruments
  • Regulations
  • Radioactive Materials License
  • Dose Reporting
  • Dose Calculations
  • Sealed Source and Device Registry

Day 4

  • Industrial Gauges
  • RSO Responsibilities
  • Authorized User Responsibilities
  • Radiation Work Permit (RWP)
  • Installation of Gauges
  • Relocation of Gauges

Day 5

  • Transportation of Gauges
  • Transportation of TENORM (Technologically-Enhanced Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials)
  • Test Review
  • Test

Determining the US DOT transport Index before shipping