When the impending fear of GLOBAL WARMING turned into CLIMATE CHANGE did it set off a red flag in your mind? It did with me. We heard so much about the impending changes of earth because of humanity and how we need to change our behavior or succumb to irreparable damage to our earth. I started reading and studying the theories and models and asking questions in my own mind. How did you react to these testimonials of impending gloom? What do you believe? I reckon that we have one of three responses:

1. We believe that humanity has damaged this world with the prevalence of fossil fuel emissions and that we need to take immediate steps to reduce carbon emissions and turn our world health around (as the Pope, the governments, car dealers, etc., declare) and be better stewards of our earth; or,
2. We know that it’s a complicated question, and we don’t really know enough to have an informed opinion, so we take a “concerned, wait and see” approach as to what happens, and try to keep our emotions out of our discussions; or,
3. We critically study the models that were used to make these apocalyptic projections, listen carefully to scientists that have divergent opinions, and come up with a balanced position that we believe matches the science.

Attached is a paper that I have prepared that explores the topic of GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE and the various factors that may be involved. If you have already decided what you believe and why you believe it, then reading this paper may be a waste of your time. However, if you are curious about what all of science says about this topic, feel free to peruse and share with your friends. I would appreciate any feedback.

Ben Warren

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