Standardized Reporting for Gauges (RSO Reports)

When doing the inventory of the gauges, there may be several different personnel assisting the RSO in preparing this report.  If that is the case, it may be helpful to standardize the responses so that the information is consistent and understood by all parties.  For example, the site RSO, along with his fellow advanced authorized users, could set up specific criteria as to what characteristics describe the gauge as GOOD, FAIR or POOR.

For example:

  •  GOOD may mean that nothing needs to be done.
  •  FAIR may mean that the gauge is functioning; however, in the next 12 months some servicing may be needed because there is evidence of rust, sticking shutter, or the metal plate weld is loose, for example.
  •  POOR could mean that there is significant rust, the shutter is problematic (but does work), and the label is unreadable or deteriorated.  In this case, a task order should be initiated to rectify the problem within the next 90 days. stan

The AAU or AU is to evaluate the environmental condition around the gauge and if adverse environmental conditions persist, bring it to the attention of the RSO to be rectified.