How to Start a Time & Motion Study on Workers Doing Maintenance on TENORM Contaminated Items

  1. Job classification: Are there any jobs that are like enough which would categorize the person the same (or similar) to others.
  1. Track each job classification person:  Go out and observe that person and viewing it from a most TYPICAL type of work that is reproducible and repetitive.
  1.  Define tasks: Define what particular types of tasks can be performed (i.e., grinding, water blasting, piling, etc.)
  1.  Surveys:  Do surveys while they are doing the work in particular task so that a specific average radiation dose rate can be assigned to each type task.
  1.  Evaluate: Determine how many times or how long in a day, a person performs those tasks on a typical day.  Then calculate the dose for that classification of person doing a days work.
  1.  Calculate: Look at that day’s work and see how many days a week, month, year, etc. that classification of person does those particular tasks.  Make the calculation of the estimated total whole body dose for the year.
  1. Compare:  Look at each job classification and job task and see if there is anything that stands out the most as to dose concerns.
  1. Training:  If there is, is there any type of training that can be done to reduce the exposures in the name of ALARA?

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