AEC 40 Hour Online RSO Training

Discover the Exciting World of Radiation Safety

Welcome to the captivating 40-hour Advanced Radiation Protection and Radiation Safety Officer Training course, where the world of radiation safety unfolds before your eyes! With Dr. REM as your expert guide, this lifesaving, action-packed, and educational ride will keep you roped in from start to finish. Dr. REM, your expert guide, will make this visually pleasing, interesting, educational, and a breeze to follow along.

Imagine becoming the authorized Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) at your site, equipped with the necessary background to ensure safety and compliance. Your regulator may even request documentation of your site-specific radioactive material handling experience, which we’ll help you with too!

Not only will you gain valuable knowledge, but you’ll also be able to print out your very own training certificate at the course’s conclusion – a well-deserved recognition of your achievement.