AEC has provided site assessment surveys of raw land to land reclaimed during the mining operations. The purpose is to identify the background levels and if there are any elevated levels potentially needing remediation prior to construction of major projects, such as golf courses and resorts.

AEC performed a dose reconstruction for workers in a salvage yard due to a source being “lost” from a licensee. Performed interviews with the potentially affected employees, performed Time & Motion studies to determine doses to all the handlers and drivers and provided a final report to the licensee.

AEC provided health physics services, licensing and As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) assessments to a company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of brachytherapy implants containing I-125 prostate seeds.

AEC provides licensing and health physics consulting services to a laboratory using krypton-85 (noble radioactive gas) in specialty lamps, including commercial aircraft. AEC assisted client obtain radioactive materials license and a federal exempt distribution license.

AEC obtained a license for a major metals smelting company after a cesium-137 industrial gauge was inadvertently smelted and contaminated the plant. After shutdown and decontamination with a cost of over $10MM, a license was required for the residual radioactivity that could not be removed.

AEC provides radon studies for plant having phosphogypsum stacks in the phosphate industry requiring closure and periodic radon testing. In addition, radon tests were performed to determine worker exposure in mining tunnels where background radiation is release and accumulates. AEC provided recommendations as to the mitigation of the air concentrations.

AEC provided radioactive waste management consulting to a large company with over 40,000 contaminated and rusted 55 gallon drums as to a viable and competitive disposal option.

AEC provides facility design, licensing and regulatory support for a company beginning a TENORM decontamination facility for the industry.

AEC has provided other site remediation and decommissioning projects. In addition to those described above, AEC has performed the decontamination and decommissioning of several sites with various types of radionuclides, to include: thorium oxide and tritium. This included remediation of laboratory facilities to the removal of soils and obtaining the final decommissioning approval. Of these clients (3) the decommissioning was completed in Florida.